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Usted quiere cuidar bien a su familia. Intenta consumir alimentos saludables.  Lleva a sus hijos al doctor a revisiones regulares. Toma todas las medidas necesarias para proteger a su familia de accidentes y enfermedades. Quiere vivir en un vecindario y en una casa sanos.  Sin embargo, ¿sabía que su casa puede tener peligros ocultos para la salud de sus hijos? Hágase estas preguntas:..

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Let’s face it. Selecting the right location for your HOME is possibly the most important decision you’ll make. You need more than a property that looks nice; you need a property that generates the maximum possible enjoyment for you and your family. We at  McLaughlinRealty understand that and go beyond locating your home for you. We identify your dream, and help it come true.

We’re real estate entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals.  Read Realtor's McLaughlin bio  to find-out more

There has never been a better time than now to find the perfect location for your business.  Check-out the latest news affecting the real estate market

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Mistakes to Avoid Prior to Home Ownership

1.   Spending more than you make.  This can lead to real   danger in not being able to afford to purchase.  Create a budget you can live with and cancel credit cards you do not use before applying for a loan.

2.   Not Saving Enough for Down Payment and Closing Costs. Be sure to include these items when working on your home buying budget.  It will be difficult to come up with thousands of dollars if you have not planned ahead.

3.   Failure to Understand Cost to Own and Maintain a Home.  You must understand the expenses involved in ownership and plan your budget to include these items.  All homes are different and the costs vary depending on the type of home and construction.

4.   No Knowledge of Mortgage Products.  Investigate the types of mortgages available and find one that fits your needs.  No two are alike and the costs can vary greatly.  Shop lenders for the best rates and terms.

5.   Failing to Seek Professional Help.  If you find you are in financial trouble and getting deeper in debt, seek professional counseling to improve your credit history and ability to purchase a home.

6.   Failing to Control Your Home Purchase.  This is your home and be sure you are in charge of the location, style, and price you can pay.  Never let family, friends, or a Real Estate Agent sell you on something you do not want.

7.   Indecision.  Know what you want in regards to your future.  If you are unsure, now may not be the right time for you to buy a home.

8.   Purchasing a Home Before You Are Ready.  Buying a home is a major commitment.  If you are not prepared for the responsibility of ownership and the financial obligation it creates by all means rent.

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